Henderson Medical Office Building

Henderson Medical
Office Building

New Construction  |  Tampa, FL  |  5,000 SQ FT

MOFFIT Cancer Center

Cancer Center

Interior Renovations |  Multiple Locations – FL

EMPAD is privileged to provide continuing design services for the Moffitt Cancer Center facilities in Tampa. As a company, EMPAD, has worked with the administration to create space planning and renovation projects for a wide range of areas each with specific programmatic needs. Focusing on spaces such as GU, Acute Care, Neurology and staff break rooms, the design team collaborated to provide seamless transitions between planning, demolition, documentation and construction, all while enabling the staff to continue serving patients with minimal interference.

EDGE Animal Hospital

Animal Hospital

Interior and Exterior Renovation  |  St. Petersburg, FL  |  3,100 SQ FT  |  Completed in 2020

The local veterinary hospital was redesigned to create a comfortable and family-friendly atmosphere, while prioritizing safety and efficiency for both staff and patients. The owners of this hospital were committed to providing a space that would make pet owners feel at ease when bringing in their furry family members.  EMPAD designed this veterinary hospital with the well-being of animals in mind, creating a fear-free environment using techniques that promote care and comfort. The staff places top priority on cleanliness and care to ensure the best possible experience for everyone involved. The exterior of the hospital features vibrant and stunning murals of animals, which adds to the beauty of the premises and creates a positive atmosphere. The result is an animal hospital that is both inviting and functional, providing a comfortable and stress-free environment for pets.

Galen College of Nursing

Galen College of Nursing

Interior Renovation  |  St. Petersburg, FL  |  57,000 SQ FT  |  Completed in 2018

Galen College of Nursing is one of the largest educators of nurses in the country. In response to the requirements of the community, this tenant improvement demanded a forward – thinking design to cater to the distinctive needs of both students and staff. EMPAD undertook the task of envisioning a space that harmonizes utility and design. The result is an intricately planned layout that encompasses a spectrum of essential features including offices, reception area, break rooms, versatile conference rooms and dynamic study areas. Every element has been tailored to foster an environment conducive to the pursuit of education and the provision of healthcare services. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to creating educational facilities that inspire growth and collaboration.  

Dr. Piper Dentistry

Dr. Piper Dentistry

Interior Renovation  |  St. Petersburg, FL  |  10,000 SQ FT  |  Completed in 2013

The Piper Clinic and Learning Center is a multi-suite facility, located in the Signature Tower in downtown St. Petersburg, composed of a surgery training center, clinic and conference space. Highly complex in coordination and design planning, this full build-out project combined clean, contemporary design with the intricate medical specifications needed for a surgical program. The result is an elegant medical center that allows for effective patient treatment as well as education for healthcare professionals within a compact urban setting.