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Watermelon Swim School

watermelon swim school

New Construction |  Multiple Locations – FL  |  7,000-9,000 SQ FT

The Founders Office

The Founders Office

Interior Renovation  |  Tampa, FL  |  2,000 SQ FT

The Founders Office Building renovation consisted of a full interior build-out of an existing building in
downtown Tampa to provide clients with an open, multi-functional floorplan with clean, contemporary interiors and lighting. Despite the small scale of the existing space, the exterior glazing around the perimeter created spacious feeling for the clients. Including a conference room , reception area, offices, and kitchen, the result is an efficient use of limited space and dramatic visual effect for the interior environment.

William Dean Chocolates

William Dean Chocolates

Exterior Alterations and Interior Renovation  |  Midtown – Tampa, FL  |  1,400 SQ FT  |  Completed in 2022

This tenant fit-out is a next-generation experience and a haven for chocolate lovers and connoisseurs. William dean chocolates boasts a comprehensive layout, featuring a bakery, café counter, and both indoor and outdoor seating, and a back-of-house area for enhanced service. The interior design comprises glossy stormy blue tiled walls that surround the black and white interior’s clean lines, with glimmers of gold that echo the blue and gold hues of the William Dean logo. A mere glance upwards may give the illusion of chocolate cascading from the ceiling, heightening the immersive nature of the atmosphere. Incorporating a sleek, contemporary architectural vision, EMPAD Architecture has redefined the modern chocolate experience, presenting visitors with a regal and enticing ambiance at William Dean’s chocolate shop in Tampa

Olivia Modern Italian Restaurant

Modern Italian Restaurant

Interior and Exterior Renovation  |  Tampa, FL  |  5,000 SQ FT  |  Completed in 2019

EMPAD’s team of principal architects and designers enthusiastically undertook the task of converting a former wine bistro into the renowned establishment now recognized as The Olivia Restaurant. When world-renowned Chef Chris Ponte entrusted EMPAD to craft an environment that matches the excellence of his culinary creations, our skilled experts in interior design and culinary planning collaborated to fashion an exceptional space. This includes a customized bar area, a captivating floor-to-ceiling cellar, and an open dough room, thoughtfully integrated within the dining area for a unique experience.

EDGE Animal Hospital

Animal Hospital

Interior and Exterior Renovation  |  St. Petersburg, FL  |  3,100 SQ FT  |  Completed in 2020

The local veterinary hospital was redesigned to create a comfortable and family-friendly atmosphere, while prioritizing safety and efficiency for both staff and patients. The owners of this hospital were committed to providing a space that would make pet owners feel at ease when bringing in their furry family members.  EMPAD designed this veterinary hospital with the well-being of animals in mind, creating a fear-free environment using techniques that promote care and comfort. The staff places top priority on cleanliness and care to ensure the best possible experience for everyone involved. The exterior of the hospital features vibrant and stunning murals of animals, which adds to the beauty of the premises and creates a positive atmosphere. The result is an animal hospital that is both inviting and functional, providing a comfortable and stress-free environment for pets.

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta

Interior Renovation  |  Tampa, FL  |  8,000 SQ FT

This tenant space allowed for a more energetic atmosphere through the use of a bold color scheme, contemporary lighting and creative ceiling designs. With a goal to provide the client with a functional and ergonomic workspace, we created design solutions that best reflected the ideals of the company and their desire to engage their clients through the office environment.

Envision Physical Services Office

Envision Physical Services Office

Interior Renovation  |  Clearwater, FL  |  20,500 SQ FT  |  Completed in 2018

Recreating the interior lobby of the Bay Vista Office Park Pavilion was an opportunity to showcase the interior design skills of the EMPAD team through the use of clean, contemporary space planning, finishes and lighting. As a focal point of this expansive office complex, the lobby creates an elegant atmosphere while respecting the professional needs of the many technology corporations within the complex.

PONTE Modern American Restaurant

Modern American Restaurant

Tennant Improvement Project  |  Midtown – Tampa, FL  |  6,600 SQ FT  |  Completed in 2022

EMPAD Architecture was entrusted to create a space in Midtown Tampa that not only serves to reflect the modern,
state-of-the-art, culinary dishes that Chef Chris Ponte is set to create, but that is also highly functional for efficient
restaurant operation. To achieve this, we incorporated numerous key design features, including strong visual
connections throughout the entire restaurant, a full-height glass wall for patrons to view the culinary art in creation,
and a large bar area including a 15’ tall, all-glass wine storage room, which separates the bar and dining areas.
Moreover, the bar area has numerous euro-wall door systems that give it the ability to open up completely to the
large, covered, outdoor seating area, while the dining area itself is filled with high-end finishes and unique lighting
along with the signature Chef Ponte elements, like the long, linear banquet seating and the rounded booths along
the exterior walls. 

Grace Family Church

Grace Family Church

Adaptive Re-Use  |  Tampa, FL  |  50,000 SQ FT  |  Completed in 2015

The renovation of half of an existing single-story warehouse for the congregation of Grace Family Church in Tampa provided EMPAD with a complex set of needs for design solutions that would best serve this growing church. Providing complete demolition of the interiors and creating a new sanctuary, lobby, classrooms, coffee shop, restrooms, staff offices, childcare center and exterior courtyard, the design outcome was one that enabled this community of people with such a wide range of activities to best function within this new environment and continue to serve the surrounding Tampa community from a central location.