Express Car Wash

Express car wash

New Constructions  |  Tampa, FL  |  5,500 SQ FT

Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events

Autobahn Indoor Speedway and events

Multiple Locations – FL  |  60,000 – 90,000 SQ FT

By offering our design services to this distinctive and innovative client, EMPAD is excited to collaborate with the Autobahn Speedway company on various projects and locations. In addition to its versatile track, most locations encompass an expansive reception area, exclusive private party rooms, and themed bar and/or lounge spaces. Devising solutions for a multifaceted program aimed at delivering an engaging experience to visitors of all ages, EMPAD showcases its adaptability by tailoring our approach to meet the unique business objectives of our clients, demonstrating creativity and efficiency in the process.

Paddock 1 Storage

Paddock 1 Storage

New Construction  |  Tampa, FL  |  80,000 SQ FT  |  Completed in 2023

Having designed Paddock 1 Storage in its entirety, EMPAD handcrafted a model as unique and innovative as the concept of a luxury garage condominium itself. Our team of architects and designers has meticulously outlined this premium auto self storage complex to cater to the requirements of both the luxury cars that reside here and their drivers. EMPAD has fashioned an exclusive design that seamlessly blends the outdoor pathways with an elegant, climate-controlled indoor space that’s ideal for gathering, lounging, and celebrating.